Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Can You Solve These?

I love cryptograms, anagrams, pictograms, crosswords and just about any other kind of word or math puzzle. Here's a pictogram, the beginning of a Bible verse:

Or how about these anagrams of Bible characters?
1. ENHANCE BUZZARD _________________________________
2. TENTH ASH PIT JOB _______________________________
3. EMPTIER SON _____________________________________

Secret message, anyone? How about some word searches? Sudoku? Kakuro? Word ladders? You'll find hundreds of puzzles, entirely Bible-themed in BRAIN POWER PUZZLES 8, just released for $13.99 on Amazon.
Answers to above: the pictogram says "When you pray do not be like the hypocrites."
The anagrams are #1 Nebuchadnezzar #2 John the Baptist #3 Simon Peter

Friday, July 12, 2019

Volume 7 is Now Released

Entertain yourself and power up your brain while solving a variety of easy, moderate, and difficult puzzles.

These activity books include a mix of the following:
● Word Searches
● Anagrams
● Zig Zag Puzzles
● Word Fit Puzzles
● Hidden Words
● Sudoku
● Sikaku
● Kendoku
● Fillomino
● Rullo
● Domino

● Math, Word, or Letter Sudoku Squares
● Riddles & Jokes
● Mazes
● Boggle Boards
● Daisy Puzzles
● Neuronyms
● Trivia
● Coloring pages
● Tic Tac Toe
● Dots & Boxes
● Scavenger Hunt

● Pictograms
●Daisy Puzzles
●Secret Math Trails
●and more

Created by an educator and author these books will satisfy young and old. Work alone or play with a friend. Two player puzzles included in volumes 1 and 2. Great for travel fun. Take them to the beach. Keep one in your bag. Set one by the commode. Leave one on the nightstand. Put one in the car. There’s something to satisfy everyone in the family. Volume 5 is for Spanish level one students. Volume 6 is for math nerds.

Brain Power Puzzles, only on Amazon.
Volume 1 $13.99
Volume 2 $13.99
Volume 3 $9.99

Volume 4 $12.99
Volume 5 (Spanish Student Edition) $11.99
Volume 6 (Math Edition) $7.95
Volume 7 $12. 99