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The Secret in the Hidden Cave in paperback, or kindle is the first book in the Big Pine Lodge series.

Two 12-year-olds, Missy and Kevin, explore the old lodge, the woods, the cemetery and the dark caves beneath the lake and find surprises, danger and secrets. Can they solve the riddles, follow the clues and save the place from destruction? Or are they being used by someone smarter who needs help to reveal “The Secret in the Hidden Cave”?  


The storyline was realistic, while at the same time entertaining and mysterious. I love the drama, energy, action, and emotional rides the author incorporated. I highly recommend this book for all ages. – Amazon customer ★★★★★

A great, wholesome story for youngsters. The story is definitely worth reading for any preteen. It's bound to hold their interest to the end, and open the door for more stories in the series that will most likely become a favorite for both boys and girls . – Melva Henderson ★★★★★

AWESOME book. I finished this book in 2 days. It was so good! – Kindle customer ★★★★★

12-year-old Missy is sent to spend the summer with a just-discovered great-grandfather at Big Pine Lodge. There she befriends Kevin, son of the caretakers, and Jessica, vacationing there with her family. The three of them set out to discover the secret of the caves, and unwittingly discover a plot by some greedy adults who want to build a highway through the property. Using their wits and clues dropped by Missy's great-grandfather, will they be able to discover the secrets that will save Big Pine Lodge? You'll actually very much enjoy the ride as you find out. – Amazon customer ★★★★★

Debra Chapoton has written a story that will strongly appeal to the pre-teen set, giving them a trio of very relatable 12-year-olds, in a set of believable circumstances as they have fun while solving the mystery. The setting is very alluring (I'd like to go to Big Pine Lodge myself) and the story keeps you involved at all times. And for anyone who's ever lost someone they love, they will thoroughly enjoy Missy's re-discovery of her father and his childhood lived at Big Pine Lodge years earlier. I highly recommend this book to be read by pre-teens, and to be shared by their parents, as well. – Amazon customer ★★★★★

The characters of Missy and Kevin are well-written and modern. I really liked the plot, especially how the story started and I didn't want the story to end so I'm glad there are more books in the series. I would recommend this book to kids in 4th, 5th or 6th grade. – A Kid’s Review ★★★★★

The second book in the series is Mystery's Grave, also in paperback, kindle and on Smashwords.

Missy and Kevin thought the rest of the summer would be normal, but more surprises await them in the woods, the caves, the stables and the cemetery. Two new families arrive at the lodge, but one family isn’t human. And they live behind a gravestone.

Bullies and Bears is book 3, available in paperback, kindle and Smashwords

Missy and Kevin unravel more mysteries and secrets in the caves, the attic, the cemetery and the ruins. A new week of adventures and escapades face them as they confront teenage bullies and a troublesome mama bear.