Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Book 2 in the Unbridled Hearts series is available in paperback and Kindle



In the heart of Montana's rolling plains and under the big, open sky, love is about to find a new stage.

Corey Johnson, a wiry cowboy with a heart as golden as his sun-bleached hair, can't resist the vibrant Ashley, a young woman who brings a touch of the town to the ranch. As they navigate the rodeo of life together, they'll face challenges that could tear them apart. Can love and determination help them conquer their fears, ride through the trials, and win the biggest prize of all—a lifetime together?

In this heartwarming cowboy romance, author Debra Chapoton takes you back to Double Horseshoe Ranch, where love is as grand as Montana's majestic landscape and as wild as its rodeo. Saddle up for a story of second chances, destiny, and the enduring power of love on the ranch.

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