Christian Non-Fiction

CROSSING THE SCRIPTURES is a Bible Study supplement for anyone who wants to know more about each of the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. This is not only a starter course for someone unfamiliar with the individual content of each book, but it is also a collection of divine links between these books based on the Hebrew alphabet. This new way of approaching the Scriptures will enlighten even those who have spent years studying the Holy Word. The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet connect three times each with the 66 books of the Christian Bible. CROSSING THE SCRIPTURES matches each letter to each book, in order, three times, so the reader can observe the amazing connections between books that are spaced exactly 22 books apart. Each chapter can be used as a daily devotion, a Bible study lesson, a reference help, a sermon starting point or a discussion guide. Summaries, themes, charts and weblinks are included.

I've posted a number of "snippets" from this book on my blog that show the divine links between Old and New Testament books and the Hebrew alphabet.

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How to Blend Families

Step families are quite common. 
Blending families after divorce and remarriage is a difficult process.
The secret to co-parenting is negotiating change
But change is hard.
This guide gives step by step advice from experienced educators and also provides several fill-in worksheets to help you resolve family relationships, deal with discipline, navigate the financials, and create a balanced family with happy parents and children.
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How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

is written by veteran teachers with experience in several public schools teaching various subjects at all levels. This guide presents proven strategies and teacher tips to help your child succeed in school.Your child is more likely to succeed with your support. You'll find out how to handle concerns in the areas of homework, outside activities, teacher relationships, goals, testing, study habits, health, learning tricks, motivation, discipline, and more.

HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED IN SCHOOL will empower, motivate, and inspire you to help your children achieve academic success. This guide is filled with practical solutions as well as specific advice from teachers to give your child an edge. Written to inform in a positive way, this book is easy reading, organized to help you find answers quickly. Learn the answers to questions like: How can parents make a difference in the education of their children? What are some of the tricks to learning? How can students and parents relate better to the teacher? How can parents help with homework? What can parents do to be more involved?


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