Saturday, June 15, 2019

Math Enthusiasts (aka nerds) This Book's for You


only $7.95
This activity book includes: 
and more

This book will satisfy young and old. All puzzles are original and unique.Great for travel fun. Take it to the beach. Keep it in your bag. Set it by the commode. Leave it on the nightstand. There’s something to satisfy everyone in the family.
★★★★★ Yeah! The puzzles are large enough to easily work out.
★★★★★ Great for serious puzzlers.
★★★★★ Very enjoyable and satisfying challenges.

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Is Your Kid Learning Spanish?

Here's something that will entertain your kid while sneakily keeping his or her Spanish skills sharp. This collection of brain-teasing word puzzles, word searches, crosswords, and other types of unique puzzles was created by ME, a 30+ year veteran Spanish teacher. During my career I also published ancillary Spanish materials for two major textbook companies.

In this Spanish Student edition you'll find word searches (BUSCAPALABRAS), crossword puzzles (CRUCIGRAMAS), and scrambled word puzzles (PALABRAS REVUELTAS). Also included are LABERINTOS, LATAS DE PALABRAS, CRUCIGRAMAS AVANZADAS, and CRIPTOGRAMAS. Kids can improve their Spanish by matching pictures and solving word-fit puzzles. They'll stretch their brain power with mazes, Sudoku, Spanish word Sudoku, and more.

All vocabulary, with a few challenging exceptions, is limited to first year level Spanish. This workbook is great for review, practice, and just plain fun. Get a copy on Amazon here.

★★★★★ Great review fun for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced Spanish students. 
★★★★★ A boost for struggling students. 
★★★★★ Fun for puzzlers who may or may not remember their high school Spanish lessons. 
★★★★★ A clever tool for reviewing and strengthening language learning. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Why I left out the Apocrypha

I was recently asked why I did not include the 7 books of the Apocrypha in the study of Hebrew Letters as they relate to the books in the Bible. 

Here's my answer:
Those 7 books, generally called the Apocrypha, were added by the Roman Catholic Church at the Council of Trent (1545–1563). The fact that they were added at such a relatively recent date when Scripture clearly says not to add to it (Deuteronomy 4:2, 12:32, Proverbs 30: 5,6, Revelation 22:18) is troubling. But now including the 7 books has become a tradition in the Catholic Churcha tradition of men, to which Jesus said in Mark 7: “You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men. …Thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like that.” (New International Version)

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Brain Power Puzzles 4 - Full of Fun Mind-stretching Entertainment


Volume 4 in my series of family activity puzzle books.
Entertain yourself and power up your brain while solving a variety of easy, moderate, and difficult puzzles.
Each book is filled with a variety of puzzles. 
Volume 4 includes 
● Word Searches
● Anagrams
● Zig Zag Puzzles
● Word Pyramid Puzzles
● Math Puzzles
● Rullo & Calcudoku
● Musical Puzzles
● Cryptograms
● Mazes
● Word Play
● Math and Word Sudoku Squares
● Matching
● Trivia
● Boggle Boards
● Daisy Puzzles
● Tic Tac Toe
● Dots & Boxes
●Double Anagrams
● Word Ladders
● Hidden Word Puzzles
● and more

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A Gender-Swapped Retelling of OTHELLO? Yes!

Several teenagers’ lives intertwine during one eventful week full of love, betrayal and murder in this futuristic, gender-swapped retelling of Shakespeare’s Othello. 

Olivia Moore leads one of the federal government’s youth hit-squads in the second half of the twenty-first century. After she secretly marries a Senator’s son, a mutinous offense in the year 2063, she’s sent to Los Angeles on a delicate assassination mission. Several states are seceding from the Union and California is next unless she can eliminate certain people. She takes along her multifarious teen team of cat-fighting, boyfriend-stealing girls and a couple of immigrant-chasing guys. 

Her rich, hot new husband, Devon (an innocent male version of Desdemona) tags along, but is fair game for a retaliation plot orchestrated by Cat (Iago with a Latina attitude). Olivia succumbs to Cat’s constant insinuations about Devon’s infidelity and hardens her heart to the truth. 

Will tragedy result as it did in Shakespeare’s plot? You'll have to read it to see. Available in paperback and Kindle.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Third Puzzle Book with a Spectacular Variety of Entertainment

Entertain yourself and power up your brain while solving a variety of easy, moderate, and difficult puzzles. This is the 3rd in the series.

These activity books include a mix of the following:
● Word Searches
● Anagrams
● Zig Zag Puzzles
● Word Fit Puzzles
● Hidden Words
● Sudoku
● Math, Word, or Letter Sudoku Squares
● Riddles & Jokes
● Mazes
● Boggle Boards
● Daisy Puzzles
● Neuronyms
● Trivia
● Coloring pages
● Tic Tac Toe
● Dots & Boxes
● Scavenger Hunt
● Pictograms
●Daisy Puzzles
●Secret Math Trails
●and more

 Great for travel fun. Take them to the beach. Keep one in your bag. Set one by the commode. Leave one on the nightstand. Put one in the car. There’s something to satisfy everyone in the family.

Brain Power Puzzles, only on Amazon.
Volume 1 $13.99
Volume 2 $13.99
Volume 3 $9.99

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

What Do You Really Know about Angels?

ILLEGAL ALIENS: Angels All Around (The Clear Truth Book 1) by [Dewey, Donald, Dewey]

ILLEGAL ALIENS: Angels All Around

This is a short read and well worth the time if you want to understand all about angels (and demons,too). The author has more than 40 years experience has a pastor and has written several other wonderful works. Here's the blurb from Amazon.

The purpose of THE CLEAR TRUTH series is to give a better understanding of the Bible’s teaching on subjects of great concern and current interest. In ILLEGAL ALIENS; ANGELS ALL AROUND the author gives the Biblical answers to dozens of questions about angels. Among them
What kinds of angels are there?
Do people turn into angels in heaven?     
What are the differences between angels and humans?
Are fallen angels demons?
Can a Christian be possessed by a demon?
Paperback $6.99

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Brain Power Puzzles Activity Book - Volume 2!

Volume 2 of the Brain Power Puzzle series. Entertain yourself and power up your brain while solving a variety of easy, moderate, and difficult puzzles. 

This activity book includes 
● Word Searches
● Anagrams
● Word Fit Puzzles
● Hidden Words
● Sudoku
● Math, Word, or Letter Sudoku Squares
● Word Play
● Mazes
● Boggle Boards
● Word Fit Puzzles
● Matching
● Scrambled Words
● Coloring pages
● Tic Tac Toe
● Dots & Boxes
● and more.

Created by an educator and author this book will satisfy young and old. Work alone or play with a friend. Two player puzzles included. Great for travel fun. Take it to the beach. Keep it in your bag. Set it by the commode. Leave it on the nightstand. There’s something to satisfy everyone in the family.
Click here to view on Amazon.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Brain Power Puzzles

I am hooked on all kinds of games and puzzles. Learned some new ones in this book. I'd never heard of Daisy Puzzles before. Here's a list from the table of contents of what you'll find in this activity book. They're for all ages.

 ● Word Searches● Anagrams● Zig Zag Puzzles● Word Fit Puzzles● Hidden Words● Sudoku● Math, Word, or Letter Sudoku Squares● Riddles & Jokes● Mazes● Boggle Boards● Daisy Puzzles● Neuronyms● Trivia● Coloring pages● Tic Tac Toe● Dots & Boxes● Scavenger Hunt

It's over 200 pages and only $13.99. Great for trips, hospital stays, at the beach, de-stressing time, etc.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

A Very Quick Survey of the Bible

Here’s a simple Bible 101 course: 

There are 66 books in the Bible; the Bible is comprised of 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. 

The Old Testament books tell of mankind going back and forth between worshiping/obeying God and then turning away from Him and being idolatrous/immoral. 

Man’s behavior requires judgment. 

Throughout these books God’s plan unfolds.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

300 Plus Teacher Hacks and Tips - new release - $7.25 on Kindle

300 Plus Teacher Hacks and Tips

This amazing compilation of advice, tips, hacks, and resources is the perfect gift for any teacher or soon-to-be teacher. The list of sites alone is worth the price. Buy it in paperback, too, but the Kindle version really is more useful as teachers can pull it up on phone, computer, or tablet and have it handy at all times. Click on the technology hacks. Check out the dollar store finds. Read what veteran teachers do for lessons, discipline, classroom management, organization and more.

Curated from hundreds of teachers, websites, and educational forums, only the most useful and tried-and-true tips are included. Over 300!

If you buy the Paperback for $9.99, you can download the digital copy for $2.99.

The better deal is the Kindle copy for $7.25.

Friday, March 1, 2019

EXODIA and OUT OF EXODIA now released as boxed set on Kindle

Both books now available as THE EXODIA LEDGERS 


Based loosely on the ancient story of Moses, this two book dystopian journey (EXODIA and OUT OF EXODIA) crosses genres, combining young adult, new adult, sci-fi, magical realism, and speculative fiction for an adventure full of symbolism, hidden codes, and thematic imagery.

By 2093 American life is a strange mix of failing technologies, psychic predictions, and radiation induced abilities. Tattoos are mandatory to differentiate two classes, privileged and slave.

Dalton Battista fears that his fading tattoo is a deadly omen. He's either the heir of the brutal tyrant of the new capital city, Exodia or he's its prophesied redeemer. Shy, handsome, smart and in possession of powers he doesn't yet realize, he escapes an order for his execution by fleeing the city with the help of Lydia, who quickly captures his heart. But can he escape a destiny that will force him to marry another girl and return to Exodia as its liberator?

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

THE TIME BENDER series is now sold as a Kindle box set of 4 books



A shy Earth girl, her brave friend, and a daring alien warrior tell their epic stories in this sci-fi fantasy. Only $6.95 for all four books.