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A desperate girl
A faulty time machine
A rising body count
Seventeen year old Laken may want to get revenge on the girls who have bullied her, but she also wants to help them. Honest. Secretly using the time machine in her father's science lab, she sends them one by one into the last century. Poof, problems solved.
Except they're not.
Now the disappearances are being linked to unmarked graves. Parents are lying about their missing kids' whereabouts. The police want to search the lab. And Laken is running out of time to retrieve the last girl she sent to 1994.

What readers are saying about THE GIRL IN THE TIME MACHINE:

I have always been fascinated by time travel stories. What I really loved about this one is that it is not the same old thing. It is definitely a new take on time travel. – Mickey ★★★★★

This is a story that you will want to (need to) read at least twice! If you like time-travel, this one is different from any others ever written, and better. – Bob L. Reary ★★★★★

This book is wonderfully written and the uniqueness of the tale sets it apart from other time travel stories. This is a must read if you like a bit of science fiction merged with an intriguing mystery and are looking for something fresh to read. I highly recommend it. – Sue ★★★★★

The Girl in the Time Machine was a unique, captivating, edge of your seat read from the very first page. I was impressed! … I absolutely loved this story! – Boundless Book Reviews ★★★★★

With interesting characters and a well laid plot Debra Chapoton has manage to use her writing talents to bring us a novel that captures readers from the very beginning. – DelAnne ★★★★★

I thought I knew where the story was headed, but it threw a bunch of surprises at me. The Girl in the Time Machine has a unique take on time travel. The adventures of the main character, Laken, and her friends Skylar will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. – Anonymous Reviewer ★★★★★

Debra Chapoton has all the goods right here! A girl in a serious problem with a time machine. What more could a YA reader want? This story keeps you turning pages, paper or electronic! – Michelle Chamberlin ★★★★★

Edgy but clean, fast-paced but easy to read, this is a stand-alone novel that delivers a mind-blowing quest and a remarkable race against time. THE GIRL IN THE TIME MACHINE is a gem among indie books.

Now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and all online booksellers.

First Pages:

Chapter 1

What did we (two nervous, frantic girls) do with a dead body while a storm brewed outside, the lights actually flickered, and the minutes ticked closer to the moment when my car would drive up—with me driving? You would have thought we’d discussed the subject before. Because in less than five minutes of rational, scientific debate we settled on burying Megan, time machine style, in the hill out back. It sounded cold and callous, but really it was the best thing for everyone.
Mack made agitated chimpanzee howls when we dragged Megan down the hall, past his cell. The steps were the worst. Her toes smacked every stair tread with a dull thump. It was heart-breaking.

I hope you’re reading this, Skylar. Or Emily. Or whatever you’re calling yourself in your new reality. (I’m still going by Laken Mitchell, by the way.)
Sorry about leaving you in the past. I’m writing this down—a totally complete explanation and apology—so you’ll understand. And so when, and if, we meet up again in some future or past you’ll have already forgiven me.
Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure we’ll never be best friends again where I am now. Never finish high school together. Never have another sleep over where we dye my hair black and bleach yours blond. Never giggle over you-know-who’s cute butt.
Anybody who did what I did—what we did—would eventually lose someone. Kill someone. Accidentally … or not so accidentally. And sometimes you can see death on someone’s face. There’s nothing you can do then except move on. Right? Right?
I’m going to leave this diary at the pump house in hopes you’ll find it. That seems to be the only place that didn’t change. I can only hope that maybe an earlier version of you or me will find it, read it, and figure out a way to restore things. After all, I seem to be getting smarter with every time jump. It’s the hibernation that’s the killer.
Anyway, I’ll just record everything in this journal the way I remember it. Here goes:

Now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and all online booksellers.