A high school field trip ends unexpectedly when seven students and three teachers slip down a Florida sinkhole. A maze of caverns, tunnels, and dark passageways reveals an underground world full of peril—and signs that they’re not alone. This small group of outcasts, loners, and special needs kids must find a way to survive. But the hovering adults with them may not have their best interests at heart. Dive into a heart-pounding story of endurance and coming of age in a dark and dangerous place. 

A FAULT OF GRAVES, available here.

A desperate girl
A faulty time machine 
A paradox waiting to happen ...
Seventeen year old Laken may want to get revenge on the girls who have bullied her, but she also wants to help them. Honest. Secretly using the time machine in her father’s science lab, she sends them one by one into the last century. Poof, problems solved.
Except they’re not.  

In this modern YA fantasy 17 year old Hailey hunts for her friend who disappeared “without a trace.” Aided by Logan, a boy who has kept his feelings for her hidden, the two discover a parallel world where they can access the abilities they could only have in dreams. Now one of them can fly.  
But in this world their friend is held against her will and used by a government entity that has already infiltrated this dimension. Rescuing her will be the most dangerous thing the two can do … next to falling in love, that is.

When a tragic accident leaves Jessica comatose, her spirit escapes her body. Navigating a supernatural realm is tough, but being half dead has its advantages. Like getting into people’s thoughts. Like taking over someone’s body. Like experiencing romance on a whole new plane - literally.

   An intergalactic warrior-in-training trades his spaceship for high school classes, basketball, and homemade pies in order to court an Earth girl who has an unexpected super power.

   Alex’s feelings for Selina are too great to let her go across the universe without him. He accompanies her into a far distant society on a planet of eternal sunshine, where schooling is more than indoctrination and their interstellar   enemies are closer than they realize. 

Marcum is plucked from his easy farm life on Klaqin to serve in the Interstellar Combat Academy where he is schooled in galactic warfare. He forms a reluctant alliance with an incorrigible recruit named Coreg. Together they risk banishment, prison and death to exceed the space travel limits in a search of a time-bender. 

Selina Langston is confused about recurring feelings for the wrong guy/alien. She’s pretty sure Alex is her soulmate and Coreg should not be trusted at all. But Marcum … well, when he returns to Klaqin and rescues her she begins to see him in a different light. 

Eddie is a brilliant yet emotionally impaired teenager. His exile among the unpopular students serves to keep him invisible to Rebecca. He fixates on her and when his uncontrollable desires take over he devises an intricate plan to win her. Innocent adoration escalates to stalking and abduction in this psychological thriller.
Four hundred years after colonizing a planet plagued by dragons, the future of the human race hangs in the balance once again.  SPELL OF THE SHADOW DRAGON
Book 1 in the Dragons and Drones series AVAILABLE  HERE

BOOK 2 in the series:

Several teenagers’ lives intertwine during one eventful week full of love, betrayal and murder in this futuristic, gender-swapped retelling of Shakespeare’s Othello

Available in paperback and Kindle

Ben hacks into real estate rentals in order to provide a home for four troubled teens. One suffers from schizophrenia, another self-mutilates, and two more girls have secret problems they want to keep from Ben as they compete for his attention. When mysterious occurrences make them all suspect one another, they discover that demons inhabit the old house.

Jedidiah, nicknamed Dragonfoot for the worst possible reason, overcomes tragedy to put the life of a girl he admires first. But there's another girl, one who can't ignore his deformity, who pulls on his heartstrings. Faced with impossible choices he learns life's hardest lesson.

By the year 2093 the elites dominate society making all others their slaves. Dalton Battista, grandson of the ruling tyrant, has radiation caused powers and a fading tattoo which allows him to infiltrate the slaves. He becomes a reluctant hero when one slave girl captures his heart and another one steals his honor.

In this sequel to EXODIA, Dalton Battista takes on his prophesied identity as Bram O'Shea. When this psychic teen leads a city of 21st century American survivalists out from under an oppressive regime, he puts the escape plan at risk by trusting the mysterious god-like David Ronel.