Tuesday, March 15, 2022



Big News:

I've created a new Christian Romance series (3 books so far) and, to keep them separate from all my young adult books, they're being published under a pseudonym: MARLISA KRISCOTT. (My 4 kids are Maren, Lisa, Krista, and Scott ... they probably expect royalties now.)

Book 1, AARON AFTER SCHOOL, releases on Kindle TODAY. Click HERE to go to Amazon. 
Here's the book blurb: 

Aaron Hage was devastated when his wife died. Now he’s a single dad teaching in a small town high school and he absolutely, positively won’t risk his heart again. The teacher in the next classroom—Jill Davis—has him in the friend zone anyway, so why is he having these romantic thoughts about her?

Jill considers Aaron a good friend, one who can give her unbiased advice about students and listen to her when she grumbles about men—she’s given up on dating after the last loser.

Aaron and Jill are colleagues. There’s anything but romance. Rules are meant to be followed in school, but one word changes everything. Now nothing will ever be the same between them … for better or worse.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

2022 Books on Kindle Unlimited



First: A VARIETY OF CHOICES in various genres. I love trying something new. There's science fiction, mystery, chick lit, and more in this promotion.

Second: CLEAN ROMANCES. I love this kind of book. Peruse the list and click away. Clicking doesn't cost a thing and may lead you to your next favorite book. All of these are guaranteed to be clean (no intimacy beyond kissing, no swearing, no violence).

Third: SWEET ROMANCE NOVELS. I don't know, some of these covers look a little hot, so click at your own risk. There was no rule except they had to be sweet, so ... enjoy.