Wednesday, June 10, 2020

HYP by Boone Patchard, a parallel universe YA novel


Through hypnosis two teens find a passageway into a parallel world where missing kids have been captured, but attempting a rescue mission may make all of them fade from the real world. Will they cease to exist?

In this modern YA slightly paranormal fantasy 17-year-old Harmoni hunts for her friend who’s gone missing. Aided by Lucas, a boy who keeps his feelings for her hidden, the two discover, through hypnosis, a parallel world where they can access the abilities they could only have in dreams. Now one of them can fly. 

But in this world

Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Guardian's Diary - first entry


Pity was something that Jedidiah Kelita could never ignore. He knew it followed him like a devoted puppy. He often thought that if he were allowed to have a pet, he would definitely name it Pity. Pity would be at his heels as he walked through the mall, nipping at his ankles in the crowded fast food restaurants, resting almost contently on his lap as he waited in yet another doctor’s silent white waiting room. It might be fun to see people’s faces as he called out things like, “Come on, Pity, follow me,” or “Watch out for Pity,” or “Don’t worry, Pity doesn’t bite.” But, of course, that wasn’t true; pity did bite. It bit him when he heard the whispered sympathies, it gnawed at him when heads quickly turned away and it sank its sharp teeth into his heart when he couldn’t avoid the curious stares.

Maybe you pitied him once.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Time Bender book 1

Selina just wants to fit in at school, but an interplanetary scout plans to abduct her. Will her time-bending superpower make a difference?

Seizures. Visions. Nauseating shyness. If it weren't for the friendship of Alex, a musical genius, Selina Langston would think her high school life totally sucked. And she'd be right. But suddenly being the object of interest to two good-looking guys lessens some of the sucky-ness. So what if they're from another planet ... who doesn't like cute aliens? When they show her she can already manipulate time she begins to blossom socially. When they lure her to their space ship she never suspects she'll be the victim of an interplanetary kidnapping or a hold the fate of the world in her hands. But time is on her side. And so is an unlikely hero.

If you're a fan of science fiction, fantasy, space battles, teen romance, action and adventure or young adult books that take you to a new world, then you'll love THE TIME BENDER.

What readers are saying about THE TIME BENDER:

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Book Recommendation: ECHO OF ESCAPE

I read lots of books and occasionally I recommend an author. Here's a chick lit / suspense novel for adults: 

ECHO OF ESCAPE by Jessica Michaels

The blurb from the back of the book:
Alyssa Burdick spends her days teaching middle-school and her nights battling the psychological oppression of a misogynist husband. He was her knight in shining armor from the day she met him up until the end of their wedding reception.Now she’s humiliated by what goes on behind closed doors. At least at school she can be herself. And after school, behind her closed classroom door … well, she’s humbled, confused, hopeful even, as her department head, Connor, mentors her. Slowly, very slowly, she opens her heart and soul to him. Just when she’s brave enough to leave her husband something inconceivable happens. Followed by the unimaginable.
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Saturday, February 29, 2020


IT WOULD TAKE my entire Rock Hills High School volleyball team to stop my forward momentum and get me back into the hypnotist’s chair. But they’re not here. My screams drift in the air, shrill. And my terror. I hover off the floor like a resurrected ghost in a bad dream, unable to sit back down, unable to open my eyes.
“Hailey,” a familiar male voice croons, “I’m going to count down from ten and when I reach one you’ll open your eyes and feel rested and calm.”
Oh no I won’t. My heart is pounding, my body thrumming with frustration.
“You won’t remember what’s made you so afraid.”
But I will. No smooth-talking, pointy-nosed, over weight snake-charmer is going to wipe these images from my brain with a bit of trance-inducing meditation. The scent of stale smoke, strong mouthwash, and my own dried sweat swirl around, biting.
“Ten, nine, eight …”
My eyes roll back in my head and sharp fingernails scratch at invisible scabs.
“… seven, six, five …”
I can’t suck in enough air, but I feel the chair hard against my thighs. I’m sinking back, no longer hovering.
“… four, three, two, one.”
Nothing. Maybe I never was off the seat. The monotonous vibrations of a moment ago have ceased, vanished into uncomfortably thick air.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

HERE WITHOUT A TRACE just released

In my latest Young Adult novel 17 year old Hailey hunts for her friend who disappeared “without a trace.” Aided by Logan, a boy who has kept his feelings for her hidden, the two discover a parallel world where they can access the abilities they could only have in dreams. Now one of them can fly. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Believable Prophecy

What if a thousand years ago when the Viking Leif Ericson sailed to the new continent he brought with him some written lyrics that sang of a tragedy in which huge flying ships would crash into twin 110 story tall buildings? How fantastic would that sound for the next millennium until airplanes were invented and buildings scraped the skies?

But what if that song had a second verse that named the exact number of victims, the time of day, the nationalities of the perpetrators? Would you not decide that the writer was clairvoyant or, perhaps, divine? Apply that logic to the prophetic passages in the Bible and be AMAZED.