Wednesday, August 26, 2020

200 Creative Writing Prompts Workbook


200 Creative Writing Prompts Workbook

Creative writing enthusiasts (teachers, students, authors, wannabe writers) this workbook is for you.

You love writing. You've got stories inside that are aching to get on paper, the computer screen … the big screen. But maybe you can’t get started and need some prompting. Or maybe you’ve started but stalled when that dreaded writer’s block smacked the next word right out of your head. Have no fear, this book will help. These prompts are all taken from published novels, changed enough to avoid copyright infringement, or written verbatim with the author’s consent.

These will spark your imagination with situations, characters, dialogue, or verbiage. Get your copy today and start working on your masterpiece now.

★★★★★ Actual prompts from real novels. Very inspiring.

★★★★★ Great for the classroom. English teachers will love this.

★★★★★ I use this for my own writing and I'm incorporating it into my homeschooling plan.

★★★★★ This could be used at any grade level, college, and beyond. Excellent.

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