Friday, October 16, 2020

LOVE CONTAINED - Chapter 1 excerpt


Chapter 1


HE REALIZED A long time ago his whole life would forever be divided into two parts: before he’d killed his brother and after. He had to accept, too, that he was also morally obligated to bring Max back to life−as much as he could−for his parents, and possibly for Ling Su, too. He could only do that in China.

It had been easy living one life, and not that much harder living two. Though it was nearly impossible after he lost his faith.

Max and Henry Winston were

Saturday, October 3, 2020




Henry Winston’s faith is first tested when his twin brother dies. Six years later he returns to the mission field. As soon as Chinese authorities start arresting missionaries, Henry takes refuge in a twenty foot shipping container that has been stocked with food and water for just such a hideout. When the crane mistakenly lifts the container with him inside and stacks it on a freighter bound for America, he must endure an ocean crossing fraught with injury, hunger, and a second crisis of faith as well as an unexpected stowaway.


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