5 book standalone interconnected series

Scottish pride, persuasion, and passion - this is Highland romance at its breathtaking best.

Young and feisty, Eleanor has been raised as a stable hand at Ingledew castle, unaware of her royal ancestry and the dangerous plans the Lord of Ingledew has for her. When she is sent to Scotland to be groomed as a princess and forced to wed King George, she takes advantage of an opportunity to escape, disguising herself as a boy.

In the Highlands of Scotland lives Keir McKelvey, betrothed against his wishes to the haughty daughter of a rival clan. Keir is deep into the political plan to dethrone King George when he meets the disguised Eleanor. Her convincing impersonation of an English lad fools him and he compels her—thinking she’s a he—back into the center of the murderous royal plot.

Eleanor falls in love with the Highlander, but revealing her sex and her true identity could thwart everyone’s plans. Escaping again will cost her the crown, but staying will lead to her execution. And either choice means never seeing the Highlander again. How can there possibly be a happy ending? Click on the buy button and find out.

★★★★★ A clean romance that takes you to the edge of passion and leaves the steam to your imagination.

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