Thursday, December 19, 2019

It's Almost Christmas. Are you holy?

It's almost Christmas. Are you holy?

Generosity and human goodness are not enough to make us holy.

Now that’s a statement to ponder. This is the time of year when we think that we are generous and good. If we put a few coins in the Salvation Army kettle we think we’ve done our part.

We are generous to our families. We pile on the Christmas presents if we can afford it and even if we can’t. We fill Christmas stockings with goodies and think that we are good.

Generosity and human goodness are not enough to make us holy.

Do we need to be holy? Isn’t holiness something reserved for God, for priests and preachers, for missionaries? Sure, but the rest of us need to be holy, too. And, if we belong to God then we are, by default, holy. Right? So it’s not the generosity or goodness that we show at Christmastime that sanctifies us, not at all. We are sanctified by our belief in Christ Jesus – the reason for the season. We are made holy by belonging to God.

What are your thoughts on holiness?

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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