Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Edge of Escape - Chapter 2 excerpt

Edward thought that by now Rebecca would have eaten and probably gotten sleepy from what he had put in the water bottle. She should be stretched out on the cot and napping. Plan B had played out exactly as he had prepared it. Who would have thought Special Eddie could be so clever, sly and crafty. There was even a Plan C and D.

He rode boldly up to the structure and leaned his bike against the stones. He listened. He called her name.

Three steps and he was at the door. Yes, she was lying on her side with her left arm hanging over. The sleeping bag was under her head but it looked too high to be comfortable. He crept closer and lifted her head, pulled out the bag and gently rested her head back down on the canvas.

Edward looked at her lacerated wrist and shook his head. He knelt by the cot and opened his backpack. Slowly he applied some ointment and dressed her wound. He had nothing to tape the wrapping with so he removed her watch from his wrist and fastened it over the bandage.

He pushed a lock of hair away from her eyes and brushed her temple gently with his fingers.

“I love you, Becky,” he mouthed.

He picked up his pack and backed away from the cot. He closed the door and locked it with the padlock. Lifting up one of the stones at the base of the foundation, he hid the key underneath. Edward decided to take a walk and look for his favorite wildflowers.

copyright 2010 by Debra Chapoton

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