Friday, April 1, 2011

Porcupine Lessons

We cannot leave the front door open while we run over to the bunkhouse or Walter will saunter in. Walter is our “pet” porcupine. We throw snowballs at him and even coaxed him onto a sled once in the dead of winter (pretty good photo op), but we never thought he would be so bold (or fast enough) to come inside our log home.

To a porcupine a log home is just a bunch of sideways trees. It’s very easy to climb the walls, stare down at the humans and even have a bathroom break if necessary. (Oh, Walter, was it really necessary?)

Here’s a picture of my nephew pretending to stomp on Walter just last week. I kind of wish he had, maybe then he would have been afraid of us and never dared to come inside.

Let me tell you what it takes to eradicate a slow-moving, proud and prickly mammal from your home: 2 grown-ups (preferably not panicked), two ladders, two brooms, a spray bottle of vinegar and 1 and a half hours of patience. And you have to leave the doors open even if it’s barely 40 degrees out and not all the snow has left the woods yet.

Walter is gone now, may he rest in peace, but my house is aired out and cleaner than any other April first.

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