Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas, #6 Wreaths

There are wreaths on the front door of the lodge, the guest house and the bunkhouse. We have a large lighted one over the fireplace and in the sunroom a giant wreath spreads across the back wall, the only wall without windows. The ornaments are large lodge-themed decorations such as birdhouses, fishing gear, snowshoes, birds and other woodsy items.

It may sound strange that there is a wall without windows in the sunroom. Originally I had drawn the plans to include large windows on that wall as well. One of the cool things about building a log home is that you cut the windows out last, after it’s erected. We took barrels and barrels of sawdust out at the end of each day after the workers chainsawed through the walls to our specifications. It was obvious that with all the light coming in the east and south windows, and since the sunroom is open to the kitchen, that we could leave the tall (26’) wall as a backdrop. It works better for furniture placement, too.

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