Friday, January 6, 2012

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Read My Blog

1. I’m obsessive about punctuation and spelling and if you find an error I may feel obligated to send you a free book.
2. My posts are random and cover things you may not be interested in like my books, the Hebrew alphabet, love, Down Syndrome . . . see what I mean?
3. I occasionally offer free books when I link up to giveaway bog hops but I don’t really want to give stuff away. (I always do, though.)
4. I post personal stuff about our life and our home (see slide show) and I’m nervous about letting the world in.
5. You have better things to do. (But in case you don’t, subscribe with your email address. I promise that my next post will be more interesting.)


  1. Na! Na! Na! Boo! Boo!

    You spelled blog wrong in your 3rd reason to I should be reading your blog.

    LOL Debbie you don't have to send me a free book. I don't want you to be stressed this soon in the new year. That was fun.

    Patricia aka Mamaw

  2. Sharp eye, Patricia. Comment here or email me which book you'd like.


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