Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday - Work in Progress (excerpt)

Megan loosened her grip. She didn’t know what to think of this Ben. He seemed charming, but she was startled when he darkened the room. She wasn’t sure if this room was directly above Mrs. Kremer’s room or not. Would the lady hear her if she screamed? Ben was flashing a dimple now. Megan relaxed and stepped forward. A loud noise from below stopped her.

“Wait here!” Ben said. He reinforced his order by closing the door behind him.

Megan listened to his feet pound down the staircase then looked around the room again. A mattress and a dresser. Not much, but all she needed for now.

She sat down on the mattress and stretched out. From this angle she could see the dust on the floor. That would bother her; she’d find something tomorrow to clean the floorboards.

She strained to hear the voices below. Was there an argument? Had Mrs. Kremer changed her mind? It sounded like maybe Ben was pleading.

Or quarrelling.
(excerpt from latest "work in progress")

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