Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday - Work in Progress (excerpt)

Megan twirled her hair and tried to form her next question about Mrs. Kremer when headlights swung across the front window and a car pulled up and out of sight. A moment later they heard a car door slam and then the side door exploded open.

“You first.”

“No, you first. Out of my way.”

Ben chuckled. “Hey, Chuck,” he called, “come and meet Megan, our new roomie.”

Something was thrown down the basement stairs, there were hushed whispers, and then a tall, thin boy walked into the living room. He was finger-combing his hair behind his ears. He stopped and looked from Ben to Megan.

“Hello,” was all he said.

Megan greeted him back, watching for signs of something. Weirdness, danger, something. But he only seemed shy, hunched a little, much less sure of himself than Adam who had bowed with a certain elegance. Chuck had no style.

“You okay?” Ben asked him.

Chuck stared for a beat or two before replying, “Sure.”

“Take your . . . vitamins, buddy.”

Chuck’s eyes flew to Megan to see if she discerned the hidden meaning.

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