Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Work in Progress

A pair of headlights flashed across the window. Maybe Ben was arriving.
No, they went on by. She finished the plate and started on a pan.
And in the reflection she saw Adam. His hand was still on the cabinet, but both feet were off the floor.
Megan spun around holding the pan like a weapon.
“What!? How?!”
Adam’s entire body was arched between ceiling and wall.
And he moved. Like a spider. Across the ceiling.
Megan ran out and into the dining room. She sprinted to the front entry and lunged at the door. She got the deadbolt turned, but Adam’s hand reached out from above and pushed against the top of the door. His legs were splayed between the walls of the tiny foyer, blocking her retreat.
Megan shrank to the floor.

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