Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thanks, Blessings, and Surprises

What am I thankful for on an ordinary day?

First, there are no ordinary days, are there?

I started listing in my head all of the usual blessings: home, family, income, health, sunshine. Boring, right?

So how can you and I be interestingly thankful each extraordinary day? We can be thankful that our prayers are answered even if the answer is “no”, “later”, or “I’ll surprise you”. We can be thankful that our minds are so intricately functioning that we can read this, see what’s in our peripheral vision at the same time, hear several sounds right now, be thinking in our quiet heads, feel the hard surface of keyboard or coffee cup, too, and also be conscious of the chair under us. We are marvelously made.

I am going to be thankful for the surprise that awaits me today, even if it’s ordinary. There will be more surprises tomorrow. No day goes by as planned. If you can’t find a surprise today, you’re missing the little delights of the day.

Anybody want to share a surprise, answered prayer, or blessing they had this week?

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