Monday, October 15, 2012

Additions to the "Wonderful Book Blogger" List

Here are more of the fabulous book bloggers who are helping me get the word out about Sheltered. Please check them out and leave a comment, tweet, or share to help me thank them.

Shanise  at Camisadomind
Patricia at It's Time to Read Mamaw   and It's About Time Mamaw
Stephanie at Reviewing What I'm Reading
Lisa at Paranormal Urban Fantasies Reviews  (She's hosting a giveaway of 2 ebooks of Sheltered, enter before Oct. 17)
Jesse at Pretty in Fiction
Sandy at Magical Manuscripts (She posted a thorough review of Sheltered, too)
Sharon at My Views on Review
Leigh Ann at  Flying On Silver Wings
Sarah Elizabeth at Sarah Elizabeth's Bookshelf (She's hosting a giveaway of 1 ecopy of Sheltered, enter by Oct. 31)

Thanks YA book bloggers!

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