Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Paul's Letter - Short and Sweet

St. Paul wrote this little letter, the 'book' of 1st Thessalonians, shortly after he preached in the Thessalonian church.

The young disciples in this church needed additional confirmation in the foundational truths. He also exhorts them to go on to holiness and he comforts them regarding those who had died.

All of the great and wonderful doctrines of the Christian faith can be found in this little letter. In chapter 1 alone we find the subjects of election, the Holy Spirit and assurance, the Trinity, conversion and also the second coming.

In the chapters following he covers the believer’s walk, sanctification, and hope.
Paul packs a lot into his final instructions - some do’s and a couple of don’t’s:

1. Warn people who are idle or disruptive.
2. Encourage those who need it.
3. Help the weak.
4. Be patient with everyone.
5. Remember the Golden Rule.
6. Rejoice always.
7. Pray continually.
8. Always give thanks
9. Don’t ignore the Holy Spirit’s proddings. (Listen to that still, soft voice in your conscience.)
10. Do not treat prophecies with contempt.
11. Test the prophecies.
12. Reject evil.
(Taken in part from CROSSING THE SCRIPTURES)

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