Saturday, February 2, 2013

Teens in the Bible - Michal

Chapter 4 Michal

King Saul had two daughters, Merab and Michal. Michal was the younger daughter and she was in love with David. I wonder how she felt when her father offered her older sister to David as a wife. David, however, said to Saul, “Who am I, and what is my family or my father’s clan in Israel, that I should become the king’s son-in-law?”  So Saul married off the sister to someone else. Clever Michal let her feelings for David be known to her father. Saul was afraid of David because the Lord had left Saul and was with David. He thought that if he gave Michal to David then she could be a snare to him.
I wonder how Michal felt when her father offered her to David for the price of a hundred Philistine foreskins as revenge on Saul’s enemies. Sounds pretty gross, huh? Well, I wonder how she felt when David came back with two hundred foreskins.
The story doesn’t end there. Michal was in love with David and she got to marry him, but her father wanted him dead. Saul sent men to David and Michal’s house to kill him. Michal warned David to run for his life. She helped him out a window and he fled while she made a mannequin of sorts and laid it on their bed, covering it with a garment and putting some goats’ hair at the head. Clever girl.
Saul is pretty angry about the ruse. He said to his daughter, “Why did you deceive me like this and send my enemy away so that he escaped?”
Michal lied then. She told her father that David had threatened to kill her if she did not let him get away. Not so clever after all – her father gave her to another man.
More about Michal’s life can be found in 1st and 2nd Samuel.
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