Monday, April 8, 2013

A Little Help Here . . .

What is in this picture that you can’t see?
How about the cold? The temperature is so low that the snow clings in clumps to their thick fur.
How about friendship? Is the standing panda helping his mate in her struggle to master the slippery perch?
Or is that hostility the photo has captured?
Maybe the top panda is trying to get out of the biting, clawing reach of an antagonistic or disgruntled mate. 
What can’t you hear?
Grunts, groans, scrapes.
The clicks of a camera.
Whispered encouragements through chattering teeth.
This is the type of imaginative exercise I do to get my creative juices flowing.
Unfortunately it doesn't work to get a plot ironed out.
Anybody have any plot ideas for me?

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