Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jesus' Last Will and Testament

Jesus’ last will and testament.

Did he have one? Yes. Though he was virtually homeless, jobless, and lived among the poorest of the poor he left his disciples, and us, the most priceless of bequeaths. In John 14 he says,
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you
What is this peace and how can I inherit it? First of all it is not the peace that the world knows. Jesus very clearly specifies that this peace is “his” peace. On the very eve of his crucifixion, facing betrayal, beating (scourging), and the most gruesome torture, he takes the time to calmly encourage his disciples. He gives them hope, comfort, and promises. He is supernatural; hence his peace must be supernatural. I have experienced this peace when my car was spinning off an icy highway, when my daughter gave birth to a baby with Down syndrome, when my husband had a heart attack and I’ve experienced this peace in a thousand other less traumatic events. This peace is supernatural and it is real.

To receive an inheritance you must be a beneficiary. To receive the Peace of Christ you need to be his heir. You need to be his.

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