Friday, May 30, 2014

Excerpt from A SOUL'S KISS

"A SOUL'S KISS delivers the right balance of romance, suspense, and the paranormal."


Seventeen-year-old Jessica thinks high school would be perfect if she could win over Hannah’s boyfriend, Michael, but a horrible accident changes everything.  Jessica’s physical body falls into a coma while her spirit splits off to invade the thoughts and dreams of those around her, including Michael, Hannah, and even Tyler, who has a crush on Jessica.
As she harvests slivers of others’ souls she also learns everyone’s secret memories and starts to suspect that Michael isn't as wonderful as she thinks he is. 
When she invades Hannah, she has a chance to be with Michael, but now Hannah is interested in Tyler. 


I think about Michael, but Hannah’s face keeps interrupting every memory. I think about Rashanda and Tyler, but again Hannah’s voice splits my thoughts in two. Her voice. And what I last heard her say as I sat behind her in her friend’s car. Last night: “We could make Andrew the next victim if you want.”
“We could make Andrew the next victim if you want.”
It echoes. I can remember the entire conversation. And more. I can remember touching my forehead to the back of her head. I got inside, but she would not acknowledge me. I could not get past the boxes of darkness that litter her head. It was like there were doors and more doors, all of them closed, and I didn’t have the keys to open any of them.
And now I'm stuck. There’s no pulling back out of her mind. Last night I felt her nausea, her migraine. I heard Brittany’s voice, took in their conversation, their good-byes, the walk into the house. I saw her father, felt Hannah’s disappointment – a mixture of repulsion and love as she sneaked past the snoring hulk sprawled on the living room couch. I remember her, us, getting ready for bed.
And then this blackness.
My heart, or maybe it’s Hannah’s, stutters to life in a race to beat my mind to a horrible conclusion: I am stuck in Hannah and Hannah is waking up.

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