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Guest Post from Y. Correa
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Hello one and all,

I am so happy and honored to be here visiting with you all.

For all of you who do not know me, I am Y. Correa, author, literary advocate, professional reviewer and

CEO/Founder of All Authors Publications and Promotions, which entails:

• All Authors Support Group

• All Authors Magazine

• All Authors Publishing House

• All Authors Graphic Design

• AND, the All Authors Blog Blitz

I have authored a hand full of short stories, some of which include, “A.L.O.M”, “The G Particle”, “Ryan”

and “Loving...them!” At this current juncture, I'm working on the second and final installment of

“MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis” as well as a stand alone Sci­Fi Romance which I've titled “Genesis


Today in celebration of the All Authors Blog Blitz, I've opted to give everyone a taste of MarcoAntoino

and Amaryllis. Following is an excerpt:

MarcoAntonio &Amaryllis

The Anglo­Spanish War

     Spain was a beautiful place indeed. It was everything that the English could have wanted. Trades

were in great supply, land was ample, crops and vegetation were plentiful. All that they had left to do was

make the land their own... somehow.

     Many English families migrated to Spain, as they were positive that England would win the battle

between the two lands. And, as soon as that transpired, they would have free reign over crops, supplies, and

land. It was all just a matter of time.

     At the market, an elderly Spanish lady sat selling her fair share of goods. Whatever it was that she

had to sell for the day, she neatly laid upon a table that her son had made for her in order to showcase them

to the passersby.

     Behind her, a noble Spanish fellow stood, and no one that walked by could tell if he was a guard of

the market, or if he was watching over the elderly lady. He said nothing: he spoke to no one. Yet, with an

eagle eye he watched everyone that passed by with hands crossed in front of his chest.

     A young English girl walked with her mother partaking in what the market had to offer that day.

She browsed with finesse; ever so often taking into her hand an object of her choosing, and then from time

to time grabbing something else to share with her mother.

     Walking by the elderly lady that sat in front of the table, the young girl caught sight of the fellow

that stood behind the table. He also caught sight of the English girl. Even though his posture remained

unchanged something inside of him changed, just as it did with her.

     A single look. That was all it took....

     One single glance, for them both to know that they wanted each other more than they had wanted

anything else in this world. It was “love at first sight” indeed.

So begins the Medieval romantic adventure of MarcoAntonio and Amaryllis
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 Thanks for stopping!

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