Tuesday, April 16, 2019

What Do You Really Know about Angels?

ILLEGAL ALIENS: Angels All Around (The Clear Truth Book 1) by [Dewey, Donald, Dewey]

ILLEGAL ALIENS: Angels All Around

This is a short read and well worth the time if you want to understand all about angels (and demons,too). The author has more than 40 years experience has a pastor and has written several other wonderful works. Here's the blurb from Amazon.

The purpose of THE CLEAR TRUTH series is to give a better understanding of the Bible’s teaching on subjects of great concern and current interest. In ILLEGAL ALIENS; ANGELS ALL AROUND the author gives the Biblical answers to dozens of questions about angels. Among them
What kinds of angels are there?
Do people turn into angels in heaven?     
What are the differences between angels and humans?
Are fallen angels demons?
Can a Christian be possessed by a demon?
Paperback $6.99

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