Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Time Bender book 1

Selina just wants to fit in at school, but an interplanetary scout plans to abduct her. Will her time-bending superpower make a difference?

Seizures. Visions. Nauseating shyness. If it weren't for the friendship of Alex, a musical genius, Selina Langston would think her high school life totally sucked. And she'd be right. But suddenly being the object of interest to two good-looking guys lessens some of the sucky-ness. So what if they're from another planet ... who doesn't like cute aliens? When they show her she can already manipulate time she begins to blossom socially. When they lure her to their space ship she never suspects she'll be the victim of an interplanetary kidnapping or a hold the fate of the world in her hands. But time is on her side. And so is an unlikely hero.

If you're a fan of science fiction, fantasy, space battles, teen romance, action and adventure or young adult books that take you to a new world, then you'll love THE TIME BENDER.

What readers are saying about THE TIME BENDER:

Interesting twist to the time travel genre. -cmoreno ★★★★★

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I think it would appeal to most young adult readers as well as adults who like light science fiction/fantasy entertainment. -bookgirl★★★★★

The Time Bender is a totally delightful, young teen Sci-fi/fantasy story. Chapoton's easy breezy style is so enjoyable and works well when her aliens register at school and try to fit in to teen life. -Cindy Stone ★★★★★

The"Time-Bender" is a quirky young adult sci-fi story with a cast of loveably flawed dorks (in the best way possible). -Chelscey ★★★★★

What a great adventure! I can't wait to read the next one!! 5-Stars!! -Phillip Vega ★★★★★

Love this book! -Ellen-L. ★★★★★

Don't miss the unforgettable romantic sci-fi novel that is captivating readers with twists they never saw coming!

Edgy but clean, fast-paced but easy to read, complete as a stand-alone novel but with three sequels that keep delivering the mind-blowing quest, the remarkable star crossing, and the galactic love triangle. THE TIME BENDER is a gem among indie books.

THE TIME BENDER is the first book in one of the most intriguing science fiction/fantasy series in the young adult genre today.

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This novel by Debra Chapoton is a great addition to the list of books by female sci-fi authors such as Bella Forrest, Margaret Atwood, and Amy A. Bartol.

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