Thursday, May 13, 2021

Dragons and Drones series now RELEASED

 Prequel to the Dragons & Drones series (Dragons and Drones) by [Debra Chapoton]

Look inside the 99 cent Prequel of my new sci-fi fantasy series and get hooked on a story that’s a cross between Game of Thrones and Left Behind. Find the PREQUEL here. 

In the prequel you'll find out how the story began and why they left Earth.

Book 1 is SPELL OF THE SHADOW DRAGON, available for order by clicking here. (Paperback out now, digital book downloads on and after June 8.) 

It's four hundred years later and the colonization of the new planet has not gone well. New generations have been born, lived, and died while many of the first inhabitants still exist, living lengthy lives to rival Old Testament characters. But there's no religion here. No faith. No hope. No knowledge of God. People worship dragons and live in a primitive state of poverty, war, and petty empires. Yet despite this great loss, God will reveal Himself.

Spell of the Shadow Dragon: An Epic SciFi Fantasy Adventure (Dragons and Drones Book 1) by [Debra Chapoton]

The story begins with 17-year-old Presley Bergo on her way to the marriage market with eight others. All will be forced to find a mate from a rival empire or else be sent to the Frozen Abyss.

One of her companions is Gus, an Ascendor with special powers he’s been teaching Presley … all while falling in love. Now they’re looking for a chance to run away together before they reach the market. But in the space of a few moments, their lives are turned upside down when a shadow dragon swoops in.

Get your copy and follow along on an epic journey. It's a cross between Game of Thrones (without the R rating) and Left Behind.

Book 2 is CURSE OF THE WINTER DRAGON and you can order it by clicking here. (Paperback is out now and digital is on pre-order with downloads coming June 15.)

The cast of characters - mythical animals and Earth escapees, bitter brothers and young lovers, worried fathers and greedy rulers - finish the journey.  All face unimaginable challenges. And in a time of earthquakes and wars, clues from the past eventually lead to the ultimate rescue, one that affects the entire civilization if they only realize that God still rules the Universe.

Curse of the Winter Dragon: An Epic SciFi Fantasy Adventure (Dragons and Drones Book 2) by [Debra Chapoton]

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