Wednesday, July 13, 2022

SUMMER SCHOOL, book 5 in the Second Chance Teacher Romance series


SUMMER SCHOOL by Marlisa Kriscott (my pen name for Christian romance) 

Terrence Fuller is the guy with the good heart, but no clue how to act around women.

You’ve seen him flirt with Sonia and Melanie and every other single teacher at Central High. Well, almost everyone. He’s never given a second thought to the happy-go-lucky Andrea Riley, who seems more like a little sister to him.

Andrea has watched match after match being made between teachers at Central. She’s even had her own little romance with a long-term substitute teacher, but now he’s ghosting her. With so few teachers working the summer school schedule, Terrence is her only choice for someone to complain to about her disappearing love life.

Just when the light bulb goes off for Terrence and he sees Andrea’s positive traits, competition arrives. And then things get complicated.

Book 5 in the Second Chance Teacher Romance series is another sweet, clean small town romance you're going to love.

★★★★★ This clean Christian romance is on kindle unlimited too. Heart-warming and well-written.

★★★★★ Can you have a second first impression? Yes. I wasn't impressed with Terrence in earlier books, but he's my new favorite character now. He shows you how to fail at flirting and still win the girl.

★★★★★ It happened one summer ... at summer school. Who would have thought a contemporary romance set in a high school could be so entertaining?

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