Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dragon's Milk in Ponshewaing

As I was driving through Ponshewaing yesterday I saw a sign advertizing Dragon’s Milk at the local market. First of all, Ponshewaing is a one breath whistle stop. I don’t even have to hold my breath between Ponshewaing coming and going signs, that’s how close they are and how small the place is. I love typing Ponshewaing almost as much as I love saying Ponshewaing.

Anyway, the sign got my attention and so I thought it might make an interesting blog post, better than writing about shoulder replacements, skin cancer, colonoscopies and other things that are going on in my life this week.

How many nipples do dragons have? I’m guessing two, but maybe those spiky things running along their backs have other purposes. I can imagine a litter of baby dragons (draguettes?) fluttering in a row, sucking like hot-breathed piglets, if pigs could fly.

How did the market get the Dragon’s milk? What’s the mark up? Is there a major distributor? Now I’m picturing Shrek’s sidekick, Donkey, as the spokesperson for a series of ridiculously smart commercials that we will still fast forward through.

Well, all of the above flitted through my mind as fast as Ponshewaing did and when I got home I took a second to google it, pretty sure that the little market was using some clever salesmanship to get people to stop in. Turns out Dragon’s Milk is some kind of ale, beer by any other name. I’m a bit disappointed.


  1. Not only did the little market get people to stop in to his store so did you get me here.
    That is just too funny. I would have had to stop too. Have a good day and thanks for the laugh.


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