Monday, February 13, 2012

13 Secrets of Love from the Bible

1) Patience – I love how this is mentioned first in the discourse on love in 1st Corinthians, chapter 13. You can probably measure your love for just about anyone and anything by how patient you are with him/her or it. Don’t have a short fuse with the one you love!
2) Kindness – seems like a no-brainer and yet I’ve seen people in relationships and marriages being very unkind: name-calling, demeaning the other person, arguing, even rolling their eyes at something their “loved one” said.
3) Have no envy – envious feelings are bitter and unhappy and suspicious, definitely not good things for a love relationship. You should want good things (success) for your partner.
4) No boasting – what? Why would boasting be bad? Because boasting shows insecurity and immaturity.
5) No pride or arrogance – that’s right, try to be humble and caring in your love relationship. When you are proud you may try to wrestle power from the other person. Pride carries with it a disdain for others as well as disrespect.
6) No rudeness – do not be rude. How simple is that? Well, pretty hard actually. We think we always have to be honest to the point where we forget to shut up sometimes. Don’t verbalize all of your thoughts. If what you want to say doesn’t build up your partner, think again and rephrase it. There’s probably a way to express the same thing in a courteous, tactful, and polite manner.
7) No self-centeredness – why do you always insist on your own way? Center yourself on your partner’s needs, wants, hopes, desires, etc., and if he does the same you’ll both be fulfilled.
8) No keeping a record of faults – ! Love forgets the hurts, slights, goof-ups. If you must keep a list, keep a list of good qualities, fun times, favorite memories, special events, secret words, surprises, and anything that makes you both happy.
9) Stay truthful and true – nothing more needs to be said.
10) Protect – protect your relationship. Hold fast. Stand firm. Be united.
11) Trust – when you trust you give your whole self over to the other.
12) Hope – this is one step past believing in your love. Be optimistic. Give your loved one the benefit of the doubt. Expect the best.
13) Persevere – too many people give up too soon. Of course, the best thing is to build the love relationship on friendship first, but if you didn’t, and you started with that excited infatuation, and now there’s a marriage, home, kids, and a rocky road ahead, then you need to get help and work on keeping the marriage going. Love perseveres.

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