Friday, February 3, 2012

More Excerpts

Eddie crept toward a new hiding place. Having to split his stalking between two girls made him feel disloyal to Becky, but she would understand some day.

He watched the window as Sarah’s bedroom light flicked on at 10:05 p.m. She was predictable, as were her parents. They were still in the family room, still watching those inane television shows. The house would be dark by 11:30, everyone fast asleep by midnight. He would wait an extra hour just to be safe. Thankfully there were no pets in this household and no alarm system on the back door, the one he had so easily picked yesterday after everyone had left for school and work. His quick tour of the house didn’t even make him late for school.

He had no romantic feelings for Sarah. Just disdain, irritation, resentment, contempt and, yes, jealousy. But wouldn’t Becky think that was flattering?

A car slowed as it came around the corner, the headlights sweeping over Eddie’s secret spot. He held steady the square piece of cardboard he had brought with him. Its shape mimicked an electric box, a less conspicuous silhouette than his own. That would probably be the last car of the night through this sleepy neighborhood.

Three solitary hours ticked away.

Patient, prepared. Precisely at 1 a.m. Eddie left his hiding place and walked up the driveway. He kept his head up and imagined himself to be Sarah’s brother, returning home. Yes, that’s what a nosy neighbor would see. Sarah’s family was new to the area, the neighbors wouldn’t yet know how many kids were in the family. He walked as if he belonged here, no glancing over his shoulder, no sneaking.

He reached the back door and performed his magic. The lock released and he eased the door open, walked in and closed it to within an inch.

The green glow of the numbers on the microwave helped orient him to the room. Sarah’s bedroom was off to the right. He crossed the kitchen without a squeak and stopped in the carpeted hallway. Sarah’s door was completely closed, but that was all right; he knew it wouldn’t make a sound.

Eddie took the cloth and the vial of chloroform from his pocket and quickly rehearsed his next few actions. This is for you, Becky, he promised. He was quite rational. It made perfect sense to practice “the event” on Sarah. If he could whisk Sarah out from under her parents’ noses while they were sleeping then he could definitely steal Rebecca away while Rebecca’s parents vacationed.

A perfect plan. He smiled and pushed the door ajar.
(Excerpt from Extra Scenes for EDGE OF ESCAPE )

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