Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today is Brought to You by the Hebrew Letter YOD

The 10th Hebrew letter, yod, is based on the word yad which means hand. The symbol of the hand represents power, might, ability and authority. Interestingly enough this letter is the smallest of all the Hebrew letters. It looks like an apostrophe. All the other letters have this little yod as part of their construction. Yod is the first letter in the names given to represent the Jewish people as well as the name of the sacred Jewish city.  It is also the first letter of Jesus’ name.
And the first letter of God’s Holy Name. This name is often called the Tetragrammaton and you may see it written in our alphabet as YHVH (pronounced Yahweh or Jehovah). It is considered by Orthodox Jews too sacred and holy to be pronounced and so when they are reading scripture they will substitute another name for God such as HaShem or Adonai. I’d like to point out something that made me gasp as I was learning these Hebrew letters, their individual symbolic meanings, and analyzing God’s name. The symbolic meanings behind these individual letters in YHVH are HAND, BEHOLD, NAIL, BEHOLD. Right there in God’s Holy Name have been clues to Jesus’ crucifixion!

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