Saturday, August 3, 2013

Moms in the Bible - Abigail

Chapter 1 – Abigail, Wife of a Fool, then Wife of a King

The happy ending of Abigail’s story is that she married King David and bore him a son named Daniel. Her first husband, however, was a fool. (Many women can relate to that.) Abigail was married to Nabal, whose name means “dolt” or “fool”. He lived up to that name when he foolishly refused to give David’s men food and supplies, hurling insults at them instead.  When David heard of this he told his men to get ready to attack. Abigail learned of her husband’s stupid response and out of fear for her family and in direct opposition to her husband she
gathered the needed supplies and followed a procession of servants to David’s camp.
If you know anything about ancient culture you know that a woman, a wife, was property. She wouldn't go against her husband like Abigail did. Why did she do it? Was she stupid? No, the scripture describes her as intelligent and beautiful (1 Samuel 25: 3). This amazingly brave woman took matters into her own hands to save her people.

When she met David in the mountain ravine she quickly dismounted her donkey and bowed before David, face all the way to the ground, humble. Falling at his feet was wise. Then she asked for all the blame to be laid on her. She went so far as to say something like, “Pay no attention to my wicked husband Nabal. He is just like his name – a fool. I didn't hear your men’s request for supplies. If I had I would have taken care of things. Now, here are the things you asked for. Let them be gifts. Please forgive us.” Then she kept talking, praising David, asking the Lord to bless him, and totally diffusing the situation.

David accepted and sent her home in peace. Abigail returned to find her husband drunk and in high spirits. She waited a day, until he was sober, to tell him what she had done. Wouldn't you expect that old fool to be angry and violent with her? He was shocked, so shocked that his heart failed him and he became “like a stone”. Ten days later he died and when David heard about it he sent for Abigail, asking her to be his wife.

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