Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moms in the Bible - Herodias

Chapter 9 – Herodias

There’s a woman in the New Testament who was about as low-class and immoral as they come, and yet she was the wife of a King. I’m talking about Herodias, who was first married to Herod Philip, her father’s half-brother, and had a daughter by him. She left her husband and had an affair with his half-brother Herod Antipas. They then married. I guess she had a thing for half-uncles. Her new husband, King Herod, was the one responsible for beheading John the Baptist. Herodias had a major part to play in that tragedy.

She encouraged her young daughter, Salome, to dance seductively for a drunken royal bash, a party of high-ranking lusty men. What a mom, huh? When Salome finished dancing the King (her step-dad/half-uncle) offered to give her anything she wanted up to half his kingdom. She ran back to mom and said, “What should I ask for?” Herodias said, “The head of John the Baptist.”

I suppose we can put Herodias at the top of the list of bad mothers.

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