Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday's Random Thoughts

If you can't see something, do you believe it exists? 

I believe in many things that I can't see. I've never seen the wind. I've never seen history. (I've never seen most of my blog readers.) But I see the effects of the wind, though the wind is invisible. We have historical records, but it is by 'faith'  that I (and most people) believe that certain events happened.
(And by faith that I believe someone is reading this right now.)

Television, radio, and telephone waves are invisible, but a cable, antenna, and a receiver can pick up their signals. You can pick up God's signals, too.  You just need to be on a spiritual wavelength. Of course trying to explain prayer and knowing God and believing in the Trinity is like trying to explain blue to a blind man. 

Ask God to show Himself to you. Be sincere.

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