Saturday, November 30, 2013

Moms in the Bible - Rebekah

Chapter 18 – Rebekah

At about the time that Abraham nearly sacrificed Isaac to God, Rebekah was born. In fact news of her birth reached Abraham. Years later Isaac, when he was forty, married Rebekah. The story about their marriage reveals a lot about Rebekah. Here are a few nuggets of knowledge that I panned from various chapters in Genesis:

1)      Rebekah was a beautiful young virgin.
2)      She was generous, thoughtful, and strong, carrying water jugs and repeatedly filling them to water a stranger’s camels.
3)      She liked jewelry and happily wore the nose ring and bracelets that she received as engagement gifts.
4)      She was adventurous, eager to ride a camel off to a strange place to marry an older man.
5)      She was rich with many maids and even a personal nurse named Deborah.
6)      She tended to be curious, asking questions of the servant who had come for her.
7)      She was modest, covering herself with a veil before meeting her future husband.
8)      She was lovable: very clearly the Bible states that Isaac loved her.
9)      She was barren for the first twenty years of their marriage, but her husband prayed on her behalf and she finally conceived.
10)   She wasn’t afraid to speak direct to the Lord, and she did so, asking him why her pregnancy was so difficult.
11)   She showed favoritism, preferring her second born son, Jacob, over Esau.
12)   In the end she was deceitful, helping Jacob steal Esau’s birthright.

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