Saturday, April 5, 2014

Today is Brought to You by the Hebrew Letter Gimel

The third Hebrew letter, gimel, represents the “camel”. The desert dwelling Bedouins call the camel the “gift of God” because their entire sustenance – food, drink, clothing, fuel, and travel – depends upon it. Camels are frequently used in the Bible as a symbol of wealth and abundance. Picture the wise men with camels, bearing gifts for the Christ child.
In the Hebrew alphabet the first three letters are aleph, bet, and gimel. Aleph has the symbolic meaning of ox or “leader for God”. The second letter, bet, means “house”. Their word for father, Av, combines the first two letters, hence we clearly see the hidden meaning in this short word: the father is the leader of the house.
The word for son, ben, is spelled with the letter bet and the letter nun which means “heir”. Do you see the hidden meaning of son? Heir of the house. Makes sense to me. Therefore, we’ve got Father, Son, and … we’d expect the third letter to give us the Holy Spirit, right? How do we get that from gimel, camel?  Well, the three letters that spell gimel, also spell gamal, gamál, and gomel (vowel points were added centuries later). Gamal means camel, gamál means recompense, reward, deal bountifully or do good and gomel means benefactor or abundant giver. What I know of the Holy Spirit seems to fit these definitions, especially abundant giver – what do you think?

I love the codes in the Hebrew alphabet. As I see it the first three letters show us the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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