Tuesday, March 8, 2016

THE GIRL IN THE TIME MACHINE - Kindle Releases Today

Also available in paperback.
I'm so excited for this release!

A desperate teen. A faulty time machine. A rising body count.

Laken Mitchell has been bullied one time too many, but using a time machine to make her tormenters disappear means putting her own future—and her past—at perilous risk. THE GIRL IN THE TIME MACHINE is science fiction at its complex best. If you’re looking for a new twist to time travel, a heroine who dodges parallel universes, and a story that makes you think, then you’ll love this dark and mysterious tale.

Click the link to get THE GIRL IN THE TIME MACHINE now and enter a world that will challenge your concept of time.

Here are a few snippets from book reviewers who received advance review copies:

  "The Girl in the Time Machine will take you for a ride through time and then spit you back out in places and situations you'll never see coming. Hang on to your seats for this one!" —Tifani Clark, author

“This book has such an original story in the time travel genre, I was riveted from the opening line and spellbound all the way through to the incredible conclusion.”—Sue at Bedazzled by Books

Stormi at Boundless Book Reviews: “The Girl in the Time Machine was a unique, captivating, edge of your seat read from the very first page. I was impressed! The story was phenomenal! It wasn't anything like I've ever read before involving time travel. It kept me deeply enthralled from the beginning. It was one big thrill ride with action, humor, and mystery. I absolutely loved this story!”

"The Girl in the Time Machine is a dark, creepy, sleep-with-the-light-on kind of fun. I loved it." - Melissa at EveryFreeChanceBooks

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