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SCORPION from The Myriad Series by Cindy Stone

SCORPION from The Myriad Series by Cindy Stone
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An ancient power. A modern mystic. The enemy unleashed. 

It began as a day like any other, when Avery Adams, daughter of one of New York’s wealthiest and most influential men, is pushed from a crowded subway platform into an oncoming train. Is it chance, or the wheels of destiny set in motion, when Aiden Kane, expert martial artist saves her, and they are thrust into the apex of a ten thousand year old battle for power. 

An intriguing story of loyalty, betrayal, promises and redemption, that traverses the underbelly of the worlds oldest secret societies, global economic conspiracies, and the search for spiritual destiny with Taoist Mystics in the Wudang Mountains. The whole world waits breathlessly at the abyss.   

  First Page excerpt 

  “The visible world is the invisible organization of energy.” –Heinz Pagels, Physicist 

  I despise subways and the crowds that swarm them every hour of every day, like so many rats clambering to squeeze into an abnormally small space. I avoid them now, like I try to avoid the totally annoying Norman the Boreman, the wastoid freak my dad always pushes on me. But today I’d rather face the rats than take an extra second to get home. All day my body has been buzzing with the strangest sensations, every cell vibrating and my head whirling.

I headed towards the busiest part of the platform, wondering why I felt compelled to go smack into the center of hordes of strangers. I touched the pendent I wore for the first time, the stone was warm, as if alive with its own pulse. My mother gave it to me the night before she died, exactly one year ago today, and I just had to put it on. I needed to feel her close to me.

Every painful detail of the day she died is burned into my memory, like a bad tattoo. I had reached the subway stairs when my dad called me to say I had better get home fast. By the time I pushed through the turnstiles and stumbled towards the platform, I no longer heard anything but the excruciating pounding of my heart. I could see the subway buskers, a cellist, a violinist, and bassoonist moving rhythmically while they played. I could see the loud-mouthed school kids shouting. I could see the couple ahead of me laughing and talking, completely absorbed in each other. The world moved inside the station in its usual cacophonous way and my isolation was palpable. I broke into a sweat. Dread seeped into my body from the subway walls. The floor and ceiling closed in around me. I wanted to run, but I had to get home. I had to get to my mom. She couldn’t die.  She couldn’t. 

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Endorsements “Magic is afoot,” Leonard Cohen has written. That’s literally true in Cindy Stone’s novel, which begins with a beautiful “angelman” rescuing a rich girl on a New York subway platform and moves briskly to martial artists, gurus, evil masters, sacred stones, secret societies and an epic quest. A mystical story that moves like a thriller? “Scorpion" is that book.”— Jesse Kornbluth, 

  “An exciting story weaving authentic Asian martial arts and mysticism into an intriguing plot, with characters who really come alive on the pages.”  Alex Kozma, author of Warrior Guards the Mountain 

  "An exciting tale of martial camaraderie, love, and awakening spiritual abilities that echoes the true life stories of all those who have journeyed to Wudang Mountain in search of their destiny." -Lindsey Wei, 24th Generation Chun Yang Sect of Daoism, Author of The Valley Spirit 

  "Enthralling stuff! A heady mix of esoteric mysticism and modern conspiracy - with unbridled thrills thrown in!" --Alastair Gunn, Author of The Bergamese Sect (Amazon top 10 Bestsellers) 

  “Don’t miss out on this exceptional book!” Terry Hodgkinson, Author of The Wandering Ninja

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