Friday, August 24, 2012

Building a Log Home, chapter 26

By the time the snow started falling the windows were in and the heat was on. We went through a lot of propane that first winter as our heat escaped through a hundred little holes that would later disappear with the tightening of the logs and the eventual caulking. We learned that if a mouse dies in the tiny crevice between logs it only stinks for about three weeks. We trapped quite a few the first year, but now we’re buttoned up tight as any other house.

Okay, so occasionally we get a bat or two, but all we do is open a window or door and they fly right out.

Oh, and that flying squirrel that suddenly appeared on the sofa to watch Sunday night TV with us . . . well, that was pretty entertaining. Did you know that they’re about the size of a chipmunk, have really black eyes, can climb up your rock fireplace, and will get swatted to the floor if they try to glide through a ceiling fan that’s running? True. They’re also pretty easy to catch because flipping on every light in your house blinds them.

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