Sunday, August 26, 2012

Building a Log Home, chapter 27

Since it was a bit too cold to bathe on the front porch the plumber got right to work on attaching the feet to our clawfoot tub and moving it into the master bathroom. Why didn’t we get an old fashioned cast iron tub? Well, because a cast iron tub is far heavier than this fiberglass beauty and more expensive. I’m glad we got the largest size as this is deeper than any tub I’ve ever been in before. With all its advantages I do have one tiny complaint: it doesn’t hold the heat like I’d hoped. I duct taped some bubble wrap to the underside (no one can see it) and that helped.
As you can see from the picture we put up a Christmas wreath after Thanksgiving and hoped we’d be moved in before the holidays. It would be a pretty tight time crunch considering that the logs were delivered mid-June and most log home projects take one to two years. Acting as our own general contractors and expecting to get it done in 6 months was very ambitious. Did we make the goal? I’ll tell you later.


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