Saturday, October 26, 2013

Moms in the Bible - Leah

Chapter 13 – Leah

Jacob loved Leah’s sister, Rachel, and served her father seven years in order to marry her. But when the time was finished and the marriage feast began the father brought a veiled Leah to Jacob’s tent instead. Put yourself in Leah’s place; she was obedient to her father, but she knew that her younger sister and Jacob were in love. She must have been conflicted, hopeful, afraid. She endured (enjoyed?) the honeymoon week and then her new husband abandoned her to quickly marry Rachel and work for his father-in-law another seven years.

The Bible tells us that Leah was hated.
She bore Jacob four sons in quick succession, but still she was hated. By Jacob. By Rachel. Can you imagine how bitter she must have become? When Rachel didn't conceive she gave her handmaid to Jacob as a surrogate. Leah did the same thing with her maid. Think about that. Her relationship with her sister must have reached an acidic stage. The Scriptures record how she bargained with Rachel for bedroom privileges with their husband. She bore him two more sons and a daughter.

Can Leah be praised for anything she did as a mother? It doesn't seem so. But perhaps being a mother was enough. It is recorded in the book of Ruth that she and Rachel built the house of Israel. That is a tremendous tribute.

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