Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Seeking Beta Readers

I have finished the final draft of my fourth young adult novel. I need some fresh eyes to check for errors and give me feedback on plot, characters, etc., and give me your opinion on the title. If you're interested in being a beta reader please email me at bigpinelodge at gmail dot com. Here's the synopsis:

Seventeen-year-old Jessica thinks high school would be perfect if she could catch the eye of super jock Michael Hoffman instead of shy Tyler. Michael, a sociopath in the making, is absolutely the wrong guy for her. When he pulls a prank that results in a horrible accident, Jessica’s physical body falls into a coma while her spirit splits off to invade the thoughts and dreams of friends and rivals. In a unique twist on the body-swapping theme, Jessica reaps parts of others’ souls and unknowingly sows them in subsequent teens. No one’s secrets are safe. 

When she indwells Tyler she experiences not only his feelings for her, but a dream kiss that makes her question her faulty self-image. Maybe she could be the type of girl Tyler envisions, if she ever wakes up from this coma. 

She pushes her way into Michael’s girlfriend, a hollow beauty with a broken soul. Jessica always wanted to be in her shoes and now she has a chance to be half of the coolest couple in school. But the longer Jessica’s spirit is split from her own body the harder it is for her to maneuver the supernatural realm. And leaving behind thoughts of that dream kiss complicates matters. The only people who can still communicate with Jessica’s splintered soul – the two she has hurt the most – must find a way to help her before she dies, becomes a vegetable, or gets stuck being someone she no longer wants to be. 

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