Monday, July 9, 2012

Building a Log Home, chapter 10

With the help of those bits of paper stapled to the ends of each log, A-1, B-2, and so on, one guy was responsible for finding the next log needed. He stood on the stack of logs, directed the crane operator, and hooked the appropriate strap to the cable. Lifting the log from the stack was sometimes noisy and always dangerous as the logs shifted. Then, swinging the cumbersome log out and into position, the crane operator had to watch both ends, avoid a few live trees near the house, and lower the log delicately.

The two guys who set the logs carried on conversations yelling to each other from their separate positions. They often seemed to ignore the looming menace, but then ducked or stepped aside, patted the lowering beam, and easily coaxed each end into its scribed spot.

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