Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Building a Log Home, chapter 14

The men that worked for North Arrow Log Homes were the nicest craftsmen we’ve ever come in contact with. I can’t say enough good things about this crew. All of the tradesmen that worked on our home were fantastic, but these guys have come back several times to check on things, lower posts, refit the stairs, and caulk inside and out.

They were like gymnasts on balancing beams, walking along logs as if they were sidewalks and not treacherous round timbers. They joked and talked with us, shared meals, and prayed. They were all very active in their churches, one as a pastor and two as youth pastors.

The company has passed now from founder Lyle Kelley to Alex Rivers, a wonderful man who worked for Lyle for many years and was my personal favorite on the crew. If we ever were to build again we would hire Alex in a flash. Here’s his Facebook page.

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