Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Work in Progress

Megan looked up at Adam’s snarling face. She closed her eyes against the evil she saw, but she couldn’t close her ears. A raspy growl strained his vocal chords then a second sound emanating from deep within matched her thick scream with a demonic shriek.
She felt for and found the handle of the frying pan. She whipped the heavy pan up and over her head in a hysterical motion. She hit Adam’s arm and then his head, but still he snarled and shook and quivered above her like a chained and rabid dog.
The urge to fall back and submit to whatever mauling the demon-possessed Adam was about to launch pushed at the edges of her panic. A smell like rotten eggs assaulted her nose and drew a groan from her lips. She had to fight.
She swiped at his head again and screamed. “Get back!” The pan connected against his ear and he screeched louder, more in anger than pain. Then the growls stopped abruptly and the unexpected silence was accented by a far away horn.
Megan threw the pan at his head and reached up to pull his leg down, hoping to unbalance his attack. For an instant he seemed frozen in the air, much like Cori’s victim of the night before. Then his body flopped down unto her and pinned her to the floor.

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