Sunday, August 12, 2012

5 Reasons Why Jesus Said He Was The Living Bread

In John 6 Jesus tells his followers 3 times that he is the “living bread sent from heaven” and, to their disgust and revulsion, tells them that they have to “eat” his flesh and “drink” his blood in order to live forever. How does this make sense?

Try this experiment. Put a loaf of bread on the table. Don’t eat it.

1) What good does that loaf do for you if it just sits there?
2) What good does it do your body if you just look at it or touch it or smell it?
3) How can it nourish you if all you do is read the ingredients list on the package?
4) What sustenance do you get from the bread if you do nothing more than talk about how good it is?
5) Does knowing the baker make a difference if you don’t eat the bread?

Your physical body can never be nourished by the bread if you don’t eat it, i.e., take it into your body. Your spirit needs to “take in” Jesus, the living bread. This was such a hard concept to get that after Jesus said this many of his followers fell away.

1) Knowing about him is not enough.
2) Talking about him is not enough.
3) Going to church is not enough.
4) Reading the Bible is not enough.
5) Knowing all about God is not enough.

Take him in.

Now, eat the bread you put on the table. Do you see the parallel?

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